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Billing Policies

Billing Policies

Florence Health System Hospital is committed to serving the healthcare needs of the community.

Prior to your stay, your Doctor, physician, specialist and you have agreed to an amount for your procedure and their services, this must be paid in full prior to your admission or at the time of admission.

Florence Health System Hospital bills full charges to all patients; our charges are the same for all patients, regardless.

Patients are responsible for all remaining account balances not included in the amount agreed or paid; this is only upon other procedures performed on patient.

The amount you may be responsible for will not include any unpaid negotiated amount between Florence Health System Hospital and your plan.


The hospital as part of its policy requires an advance deposit payment of $2,000.00 dlls. income, for any additional post-surgery treatments or which varies according to the procedure, treatment and / or conditions. If you carry out your payment by traveler’s check and or cash an official identification is required. This advance is necessary and non negotiable.

If your account does not exceeds the amount deposited, or if there is a difference you will be refunded the full or balance difference (if this applies), directly to the type of deposit plan you paid with, at closing of your account.

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